Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No Thanks, and smithy123

Now, apparently, I'm supposedly in need of some light reading, because smithy123 signed up for with my email. Near as I can figure, it seems to be a sort of site with more quizzes and boy band fan-fiction. The generally expected stuff, like Harry Potter and fill-in-the-Harry-Potter-imaginary-boyfriend fic all seems to be there, so evidently they don't ban-hammer Real People Fic. I have zero comments on the quality of the writing, because I'm not particularly interested in finding out whether the One Direction or other teen singing sensation fanfic is everything it's cracked up to be.

It doesn't have any Discworld fanfic that I could find, so I'm almost minded to go over there and post some, if only to steer people to some excellent reading when they get done with the Justin Bieber fanfic.

 I belieb I will pass, The Biebs... 
But I would like to know if a family of four is living in your hat.

Since I don't so much need more[1] One Direction fanfic in my life at this time, I doubt I'll be using the account much, but thanks anyway! I'll stick to my Kindle backlog and try to finish The Long War instead.

[1] any

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